Prototyping with Bubbles

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This 24 hour project is a part of Experience Prototyping Course at UID. The assignment was to design a “simple” input and output user interaction. The only restriction was that we must use serial ethernet communication and send exactly 1 byte to a tethered “output”.

Our inspiration came from natural input and output and the desire to disrupt that experience. The result is The bubble blowing machine. A user blows through a straw in a glass. A delicate hand made sensor captures this input and translates it via serial communication to a second Arduino that powers the bubble machine. The bubble machine was built from a beautifully crafted actuator and a cheep party ballon inflator purchased from the grocery store. A hose runs from the machine to the bottom of a second glass.

There were huge obstacles for this outrageous stunt. Water and electronics  do not work that well together, kids…

Team: Maria Zenkevich, Marlene Kettner and Clayton Cook. Special thanks to Adam and David from Tellart.

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